Try game views. For example, basketball

The most popular game sports are basketball and football. You can gather a team of friends and have a nice time several times a week. A football field can be organized on a vacant lot, there are basketball courts in every district, you can buy a net for a basketball ring, a ball – and go ahead. During the game, the arms and legs are strengthened, coordination develops, breathing improves and the cardiovascular system trains. Halls where high-quality sports floor coverings are laid are not always needed, conditions are not always important to get positive emotions. Basketball can also be practiced solo, for example, put a basketball stand in the courtyard of a private house and train accuracy.

Self-defense is always relevant

If you have nowhere to throw out fatigue, anger, energy, you can turn to martial arts. Boxing is a classic of such classes, it is suitable for both men and women. You will learn different punches and their correct technique, learn how to dodge, concentrate, react quickly to what is happening. Active workouts will help not only protect yourself on occasion, but also burn extra calories, strengthen blood vessels and the heart. Boxing is like a dance, it’s beautiful. And this sport will also give women self-confidence, help strengthen self-esteem, become more relaxed. First, you should deal with projectiles: a strong bracket for a wall-mounted boxing bag will withstand all your blows, and then move on to sparring.

Unusual solution: rowing

Rowing is not the most popular sport. However, even an adult can find an opportunity to work out on the water in special sections and clubs. But if you are attracted not by water, but by the load, then you can do rowing both in the gym and at home. A review of a rowing simulator (a device that simulates rowing) shows that during classes, all the muscles of the back are involved in the work, both arms and legs work. By training on a rowing simulator, you will effectively burn fat, increase your endurance, increase lung volume, strengthen muscles. It’s really good for your health, but only if you follow the technique of performing exercises.


And what if you want to instill a love of sports in your child? First, show your example. If mom is on the phone and dad is at the computer, then the child is unlikely to play basketball. Secondly, make sure that high-quality children’s sports equipment is always available, which is a pleasure to deal with. Thirdly, you can come up with joint activities: playing football with the whole family, running races, hiking, skiing. Then sports will become a hobby for the child easily and without coercion.