At what age should I send my child to sports?

Love for sports should be instilled from childhood. Today, the problem of childhood obesity and physical inactivity is more acute than ever, diseases that have long been considered senile are “getting younger”. It is important to show the child an example yourself: choose a staircase instead of an elevator, once again walk through a stop on the way home, do not abuse harmful products. But household activity, as a rule, is not enough, so it is better to give the […]

What is squash and how does it differ from tennis

Incendiary and dynamic are the best definitions of the squash game. Participants come to a small playground — usually measuring 9.75 by 6.4 meters — and, armed with rackets, take turns hitting the ball against the wall.

It is believed that we owe its origin to the students of the English school. More than a century ago, they stood in line for hours to get on the tennis field, so they started banging rubber balls on the walls while waiting. According […]

5 myths about strength training for women

Individual and group strength training for women is still considered a purely masculine activity, although they are important for maintaining health along with nutrition and sleep.

It’s time to dispel the most common myths.

They harm health — the spine, the uterus

The female skeleton is distinguished by more fragile bones, unlike the male. However, the wrong technique of performing exercises can lead to injuries, regardless of gender.

In fact, strength training for women is not only a minimal impact on the spine, but […]