Top 7 Spring sports

Running is the simplest and most popular sport. Fresh air, minimum equipment, free class format… Just do not forget to warm up properly, as well as choose the optimal clothes and, more importantly, shoes for jogging.

Cycling. Such a wonderful activity can become a real alternative to a fitness club! For cycling, you will need sportswear and equipment: if you know that you will be riding on the side of the road, buy a jacket or pants with reflective inserts, also […]

How to organize a sports program?

Spring is a great time for new sports victories. If you do fitness all the time, you can add new activities to your program. For example, buy a rowing simulator. This device trains almost all muscles, improves endurance and strength of the body.

If you want to adjust your figure a little, spend more time on strength simulators (crossovers, Smith machines, etc.), perform squats with a barbell. Then the body will become more prominent.

Can’t you force yourself to do exercises in […]

  At what age should I send my child to sports?

Love for sports should be instilled from childhood. Today, the problem of childhood obesity and physical inactivity is more acute than ever, diseases that have long been considered senile are “getting younger”. It is important to show the child an example yourself: choose a staircase instead of an elevator, once again walk through a stop on the way home, do not abuse harmful products. But household activity, as a rule, is not enough, so it is better to give the […]

Try game views. For example, basketball

The most popular game sports are basketball and football. You can gather a team of friends and have a nice time several times a week. A football field can be organized on a vacant lot, there are basketball courts in every district, you can buy a net for a basketball ring, a ball – and go ahead. During the game, the arms and legs are strengthened, coordination develops, breathing improves and the cardiovascular system trains. Halls where high-quality sports floor […]

Sports equipment for home

Many of us lead an active lifestyle, but not everyone likes to go to the gym: it is much more convenient to practice according to our own plan at home.

Amateur athletes often purchase cardio equipment: exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers, ellipsoids. Combining classes with, for example, watching TV is simple. You will take care of your form and health, saving money on gym fees, travel, etc.

Also, some athletes need a home strength simulator: it can be a fitness station, bench press […]