Top 7 Spring sports

Running is the simplest and most popular sport. Fresh air, minimum equipment, free class format… Just do not forget to warm up properly, as well as choose the optimal clothes and, more importantly, shoes for jogging.

Cycling. Such a wonderful activity can become a real alternative to a fitness club! For cycling, you will need sportswear and equipment: if you know that you will be riding on the side of the road, buy a jacket or pants with reflective inserts, also remember about the helmet.

Swimming. Almost all people know how to swim, and some make it their vocation (to achieve results, pros use swimming simulators, among other things). There are athletes who play water polo: this sport is similar to football, there is a net for water polo, and a gate for water polo, players try to get the ball into the goal. Well, you can just go to the pool several times a week: such activity strengthens the body, develops muscles, burns calories.

Jumping rope. Yes, not only little girls do this, many serious athletes include this exercise in the training program. You will need the simplest equipment for gymnastics and your energy. Studies have shown that an hour of jumping can burn up to 1200 kcal.

Dances. Dancing classes not only train joints, muscles, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, but also give a good mood. Let’s go to the sports equipment store for stylish clothes for dancing and go ahead – move to the music!

Volleyball. An interesting, gambling game that gives you a significant physical load and teaches you to work in a team. A volleyball rack with a net and a ball is all you need to start the game.

Basketball. This sport is considered one of the most popular, after football, of course.

Learn how to drive the ball correctly, train your speed and accuracy of the throw, become a pro in the return of passes! If you live outside the city, a basketball shield for home is relevant for you. Not only you, but also children are fond of this sport? Then order children’s basketball rings. You can also buy a basketball net to play like a pro.