What is better for muscle growth: to increase the working weight or the number of repetitions?

Existing opinions about gaining muscle mass contradict each other: some people claim that muscles grow from heavy weights, others — from repeated repetition of exercises.

Due to ignorance, it is difficult for beginners to make a training plan. A qualified trainer helps you to orient yourself in order to determine the number of repetitions and the weight of the projectiles.

What does rapid muscle growth depend on?

The biochemical processes that are triggered by sports activities serve as the answer to how to increase muscle growth.

When an athlete lifts projectiles, the muscles get micro-fractures. A chain of processes is involved in the human body, which eliminates damage and stimulates the synthesis of muscle fibers.

It affects how the muscle fibers get tired: the number of repetitions should be so much that the muscles work close to the limit. The main thing is to maximize protein synthesis and observe the recovery period.

How to train effectively?

Practicing with a heavy projectile, an athlete will have enough for a few repetitions. To achieve significant results with light weights, you will have to train longer.

How many repetitions to do for muscle growth (in one approach):

from 2 to 6 — with a heavy shell;

from 6 to 20 — with average weights;

from 20 to 25 — with lungs.

Gradually, the muscles adapt, you will need to increase the load. However, lifting heavy weight, it is difficult for an athlete to increase it further, in addition, the load on the joints increases. Working with a light weight, the athlete needs to repeat more — each approach turns out to be long, and this is exhausting.

The best option is from 8 to 12 repetitions at a moderate pace. The risk of injury is reduced, and it becomes easier to build up weight. Another important factor is the time that the muscles are under load. It is better to practice in the range of 20-60 seconds.

To change the intensity of the training cycle means to build up the muscles correctly

The program is developed with a mentor. As an example:

  1. Cycle for 6 weeks: two weeks — strength exercises, the next two — an increase in muscle volume, then — the development of endurance.
  2. Training by day: the first day — working out the upper body, the second — the lower part, the third and fourth — increasing the volume.

A few more recommendations to increase muscle growth:

monitor nutrition — increase protein intake, and after class do not forget about carbohydrates;

perform exercises that involve several muscle groups;

dose the intensity of training.