At what age should I send my child to sports?

Love for sports should be instilled from childhood. Today, the problem of childhood obesity and physical inactivity is more acute than ever, diseases that have long been considered senile are “getting younger”. It is important to show the child an example yourself: choose a staircase instead of an elevator, once again walk through a stop on the way home, do not abuse harmful products. But household activity, as a rule, is not enough, so it is better to give the child to some sports section. The most important thing is that the child likes the chosen sport, and also that he is suitable for age.

Ideas for children’s sports

4-7 years old. Children at this age need to develop coordination, learn to control their body. Dance classes, figure skating, running are suitable for this. Swimming is an excellent choice. Who knows, maybe a little later the child will decide to become a professional swimmer. Our catalog contains such products as a swimming simulator, necessary for the preparation of athletes. From martial arts at such a young age, only judo can be practiced: up to 7-9 years old, children go to a preparatory course, where they are taught to own their bodies rather than perform any techniques.

7-9 years old. At this age, it is better to give preference to team sports: hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball, football. Our company’s assortment has everything you need for these games: you can order a children’s basketball ring with a shield with a rack, buy children’s soccer gates, and there is a volleyball net with racks. You can alternate team sports with individual sports: all martial arts, cycling, rowing are becoming relevant. For rowing in the cold seasons, we can offer a rowing simulator.

9-14 years old. From the age of 9, a child can already achieve real results in sports. Also, children are admitted to disciplines where it is easy to get injured (for example, archery or fencing). Playing tennis is a great solution, this sport develops dexterity, strength, reaction, and the ability to make decisions.

Sports for children

Professional athletes start training early enough, but their story is far from about health: the loads are enormous, there is always a chance to get injured. If you do not set goals for yourself to make a professional athlete out of a child, then it is more useful to just do physical education until the age of 7. Also pay attention to the fact that only high-quality and serviceable sports equipment for children is used in the classroom, responsibly approach the choice of clothes and shoes for training, and then the child will be safe.