With what health problems should you not give up sports

Some diseases can cause panic: we are afraid to move, so as not to harm ourselves even more. There are practically no diseases that would completely exclude sports from life — moving is still better than doing nothing.

When can I study, but with restrictions?

With injuries, bruises and fractures, with severe currents of the disease, the usual physical activity is interrupted. In the process of recovery, the doctor prescribes therapeutic gymnastics and issues a memo, which is strictly adhered to.

In diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Exacerbation of sciatica, osteochondrosis and other diseases is another reason for reducing the intensity / duration of training or even stopping them altogether. Squats with a barbell and exercises where there is a vertical load are strictly prohibited.

With disorders of the cardiovascular system

Heart defects, cardiac arrhythmias, vegetative—vascular dystonia, cardiitis, hypertension, heart attacks – in each specific disease, a thorough diagnostic examination and consultation of a doctor is required.

Some diseases and medications impose great restrictions: you can not keep your head below the body, make a bar or work with a static load. Often sports are allowed only in a light form.

With diabetes

Those who have already encountered the “disease of a developed civilization”, but regularly practice, can avoid possible complications in the future: fats are broken down, body weight decreases, and blood composition improves.

Due to concomitant diseases, there are a number of limitations

quiet sports are suitable — cycling, walking and swimming;

it is necessary to monitor the regularity of training — to practice at least three times a week;

it is important to monitor glucose levels and overall well-being.

For disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

During periods of exacerbation and taking medications, fitness halls are not visited. After 14 days, you can gradually return to sports activities that will improve blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and breathing, and will normalize the work of the stomach.

Sports with gastritis should not be exhausting and wear-and-tear. Exercises with weights, light and heavy athletics, martial arts are banned.

During pregnancy

Expectant mothers are afraid to harm the baby or worsen their own condition. However, special training eliminates the impact on the uterus and abdomen and strengthens the muscles of the spine and pelvic floor. Regular exercise facilitates childbirth and postpartum recovery of the body.

With obesity

Overweight entails other difficulties: problems with joints and blood vessels, varicose veins. Treadmill and dance classes are undesirable. You should start with a horizontal exercise bike, swimming and water aerobics.

With a cold

Even with a sore throat and even more so at elevated temperatures, it is not worth training — the body is busy fighting viruses and infection. Take a break for a couple of days to let him rest. However, with a mild cold, without coughing, runny nose and chills, you can reduce the intensity of classes, but wait out the first day of malaise.

The main rule that all sports fans adhere to: moderate loads strengthen the immune system, and excessive ones exhaust.

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