Top 7 Spring sports

Running is the simplest and most popular sport. Fresh air, minimum equipment, free class format… Just do not forget to warm up properly, as well as choose the optimal clothes and, more importantly, shoes for jogging.

Cycling. Such a wonderful activity can become a real alternative to a fitness club! For cycling, you will need sportswear and equipment: if you know that you will be riding on the side of the road, buy a jacket or pants with reflective inserts, also […]

Try game views. For example, basketball

The most popular game sports are basketball and football. You can gather a team of friends and have a nice time several times a week. A football field can be organized on a vacant lot, there are basketball courts in every district, you can buy a net for a basketball ring, a ball – and go ahead. During the game, the arms and legs are strengthened, coordination develops, breathing improves and the cardiovascular system trains. Halls where high-quality sports floor […]

With what health problems should you not give up sports

Some diseases can cause panic: we are afraid to move, so as not to harm ourselves even more. There are practically no diseases that would completely exclude sports from life — moving is still better than doing nothing.

When can I study, but with restrictions?

With injuries, bruises and fractures, with severe currents of the disease, the usual physical activity is interrupted. In the process of recovery, the doctor prescribes therapeutic gymnastics and issues a memo, which is strictly adhered to.

In diseases […]

What is better for muscle growth: to increase the working weight or the number of repetitions?

Existing opinions about gaining muscle mass contradict each other: some people claim that muscles grow from heavy weights, others — from repeated repetition of exercises.

Due to ignorance, it is difficult for beginners to make a training plan. A qualified trainer helps you to orient yourself in order to determine the number of repetitions and the weight of the projectiles.

What does rapid muscle growth depend on?

The biochemical processes that are triggered by sports activities serve as the answer to how to […]