What is squash and how does it differ from tennis

Incendiary and dynamic are the best definitions of the squash game. Participants come to a small playground — usually measuring 9.75 by 6.4 meters — and, armed with rackets, take turns hitting the ball against the wall.

It is believed that we owe its origin to the students of the English school. More than a century ago, they stood in line for hours to get on the tennis field, so they started banging rubber balls on the walls while waiting. According […]

5 myths about strength training for women

Individual and group strength training for women is still considered a purely masculine activity, although they are important for maintaining health along with nutrition and sleep.

It’s time to dispel the most common myths.

They harm health — the spine, the uterus

The female skeleton is distinguished by more fragile bones, unlike the male. However, the wrong technique of performing exercises can lead to injuries, regardless of gender.

In fact, strength training for women is not only a minimal impact on the spine, but […]

Sports holidays: what to do with a child in the summer

A useful and interesting vacation for children during the summer holidays is a way to avoid boredom in home walls and let gadgets out of their hands. But not all parents have the opportunity to send their child to their grandmother’s dacha.

You can organize leisure in different ways, and even better – combine several types of activity. We throw up ideas on what to do with the child in the summer.

Send to a camp outside the city

A good option in […]

With what health problems should you not give up sports

Some diseases can cause panic: we are afraid to move, so as not to harm ourselves even more. There are practically no diseases that would completely exclude sports from life — moving is still better than doing nothing.

When can I study, but with restrictions?

With injuries, bruises and fractures, with severe currents of the disease, the usual physical activity is interrupted. In the process of recovery, the doctor prescribes therapeutic gymnastics and issues a memo, which is strictly adhered to.

In diseases […]

Pull up the body for the summer: what do you need to know about muscles?

Let’s face the facts: in 2-3 months it will not be possible to radically change the figure without harm to health. Coming to the gym at the end of winter, you will be able to improve your overall tone and make your body more elastic by June — for the absence of strict restrictions, the body will tell you “thank you”.

Debunking myths about a toned physique

Not everyone manages to achieve rounded buttocks and it’s not a matter of lack of […]