5 myths about strength training for women

Individual and group strength training for women is still considered a purely masculine activity, although they are important for maintaining health along with nutrition and sleep.

It’s time to dispel the most common myths.

They harm health — the spine, the uterus

The female skeleton is distinguished by more fragile bones, unlike the male. However, the wrong technique of performing exercises can lead to injuries, regardless of gender.

In fact, strength training for women is not only a minimal impact on the spine, but also a gradual increase in the load in parallel with the growth of muscles, endurance and strength.

Lifting weights in everyday life and lifting weights in sports are different phenomena. In everyday life, it is undesirable to constantly lift more than 5 kg, because this is a risk factor for uterine prolapse. But the girls who regularly go in for sports and observe safety precautions in the classroom:

strengthen the pelvic floor muscles;

improve blood circulation;

easier to tolerate pregnancy and childbirth;

they recover faster after them.

Do not help to get rid of fat

The stereotype that only treadmills are suitable for girls is still alive. But for weight loss and burning excess subcutaneous fat, exhausting and monotonous cardio workouts will not help. Even runners train with weights to increase aerobic endurance.

Strength training for women is useful because the body burns calories even after classes, when it is in a calm state.

The body increases in volume and weight

If an athlete stops exercising and does not monitor nutrition, then in combination with a slow metabolism, it seems that a person is gaining weight, and his muscles turn into fat.

But muscles and fat are completely different tissues. Reduced physical activity and poor nutrition cause loss of muscle mass and fat accumulation.

The benefit of strength training for women is that they help replace fat with muscles. One way to check the result is not to weigh yourself, but to use a centimeter tape, because the weight may not change or even increase.

A woman turns into a manly and muscular

Unlike the male, the female body is not able to synthesize the necessary amount of testosterone, which is one of the anabolic hormones. Fearing to become a jock and get facial masculinization, girls run away from barbells and dumbbells. But just lifting heavy projectiles is not enough to gain muscle mass.


Female bodybuilders consume synthetic testosterone, called a steroid, and work out for hours in the gym to achieve the desired shapes. For amateur athletes, intensive training will only give a toned figure, a flat stomach and getting rid of cellulite.

The girl becomes motionless and rigid

Another prejudice is the image of a bodybuilder with a heavy gait. However, it is necessary to distinguish between health-promoting workouts and bodybuilding.

  1. If you do the exercises correctly, flexibility increases noticeably, and tense muscles relax.
  2. Swings, deadlifts, squats guarantee a wide range of movements — as a result, overall mobility improves, and the gait becomes smooth.

Professional coaches of the Premier Sport club can personally convince of the benefits of strength training for women. During classes, they are next to the athletes and monitor the correct technique of performing exercises.