Sports holidays: what to do with a child in the summer

A useful and interesting vacation for children during the summer holidays is a way to avoid boredom in home walls and let gadgets out of their hands. But not all parents have the opportunity to send their child to their grandmother’s dacha.

You can organize leisure in different ways, and even better – combine several types of activity. We throw up ideas on what to do with the child in the summer.

Send to a camp outside the city

A good option in the absence of the opportunity to purchase a ticket to a camp on the seashore or unwillingness to send a child too far from home.

Employees are not only responsible for the development of physical and creative abilities, but also ensure the safety of children. Despite the freedom from parents, the child’s daily routine practically does not change. They take the “vacationer” for the weekend or even after the end of the shift.

Modern camps offer a closed area surrounded by forests, full meals, comfortable accommodation and many leisure options — libraries, playgrounds, game consoles.

The orientation of the camp may be different:

labor and recreation camp — combining recreation with simple work for teenagers;

tourist (tent) — for those who are members of tourist associations;

thematic (profile) — taking into account the interests of the child (for artists, musicians, foreign language learners, etc.);

wellness — for recreation and health promotion.


Send to school camp

A more budget option is a school camp, where children spend most of the day, and familiar teachers look after them. A rich program with excursions, contests and outdoor games is guaranteed. But sometimes the camp at the school is valid only for certain months, which means that you will have to figure out how to spend the rest of the summer with the children.

Enroll in a circle or a master class

A child combines business with pleasure when he learns new skills in design, drawing or programming courses.

Suggest reading books

The physical health of the child is important, but do not forget about the development of intelligence. Reading books can be encouraged, discuss and reflect on the plot together.

Build a hut together

At the dacha, the child can direct the construction of his own forest house: build a sleeping place, a roof made of leaves and branches. Even years later, he will fondly remember the fun days in the wigwam.

Offer volunteering

A teenager can work and feel like an adult by volunteering at a dog shelter or landscaping historical buildings. Volunteer programs operate not only in Russia, but also abroad. Adults are more often preferred, but some volunteer camps accept teenagers from the age of 14.

It is more difficult to organize a trip abroad: visa processing, transportation costs, booking accommodation.

Hire a nanny guide

For a fee, a trained person organizes leisure activities: the list will include excursions, festivals, long walks. The only drawback is the large costs and the need to find a reliable mentor.