Pull up the body for the summer: what do you need to know about muscles?

Let’s face the facts: in 2-3 months it will not be possible to radically change the figure without harm to health. Coming to the gym at the end of winter, you will be able to improve your overall tone and make your body more elastic by June — for the absence of strict restrictions, the body will tell you “thank you”.

Debunking myths about a toned physique

Not everyone manages to achieve rounded buttocks and it’s not a matter of lack of patience, but in the features of muscles and natural data. The shape of the buttocks can be different — circle, triangle, etc. — without understanding the structure of the muscles, it is difficult to form a set of exercises, which means that you will not get a quick result.

Men also tend to believe in myths: you can’t see the cherished cubes with power presses alone. Add proper nutrition and reduce the fat layer.

Increased physical activity after a long break causes rapid weight loss, but the indicators quickly stop falling. Do not be afraid: first of all, water leaves the muscles, after which the weight stabilizes and is lost more slowly. There is also swelling due to the blood flow to the muscles – as you adapt to the loads, everything comes back to normal.

Which workouts to choose?

A short intense workout will be more effective if as many muscle groups as possible are involved. Although it is possible to get in shape even at home, it is better to be guided by the tips of qualified mentors.


Comprehensive training tightens the body and makes flabby skin more elastic:


squats with dumbbells;

lateral lunges;



buttock bridge;

the bar;

pilates, etc.

Always start with light exercises, preparing the muscles and adjusting the cardiac system. You will tear your ligaments if you start lifting the barbell in an attempt to regain your former forms.


Strength training

Regular exercise supports metabolism, promotes weight loss and slows down the loss of muscle mass. Strength exercises are aimed not only at increasing power and strength, but also improve posture, coordination and joint condition.



Walking, cycling, running in the fresh air burn calories, improve the functioning of the heart and lungs, and stress resistance is also growing — cardio exercises are a solid benefit. Start gradually: first walking at a leisurely pace, then fast with a gradual transition to running. Change the duration and intensity of movements.


Brief recommendations on how to prepare effectively for the summer:


do not forget about the 10-minute warm-up, and finish the lesson with stretching and breathing exercises;

increase the intensity and duration of physical activity gradually;

forget about daily wear and tear classes — several times a week will be enough;

give the body time to recover;

get enough sleep;

drink enough water;

balance your diet and minimize your sugar intake;

change the type of activity / sport every two months — the body quickly adapts to new loads.

We advise you to stick to the golden mean: do not start or stop training abruptly, so as not to get negative consequences. Make an appointment for the next consultation with a trainer who will form the optimal exercise and nutrition regime — together we will make you slimmer and healthier.